Our Diamond Anniversary

It all began in 1947 in Washington, DC. A small group of individuals gathered together at a local pub to discuss the idea of establishing a safe and secure place to borrow and save. From there, Northwest was born and began to grow.

For our 75th anniversary we will reflect on our history, celebrate how we serve our members and communities today, and continue our commitment to becoming the lifetime financial partner for our members. It’s a celebration of Then. Now. Next.

Diamond Certificate

Over 75 years our mission has evolved but our overall purpose has always stayed the same: We are people helping people.

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Discover your path to membership
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Community Outreach

We're dedicated to transforming the lives of our members and our communities. This strong dedication to serve and inspire others is achieved in part through our four paths of community outreach.

Northwest Representatives

Living Our Why

For 75 years Northwest has been dedicated to making a positive difference in our members’ lives and in the communities we serve.

Serving member

Financial Wellness

As your lifetime financial partner, we’ll be there for you when you need us—from your childhood savings account to financing your college education, first car, family home, and retirement savings. 

Catch Northwest on Good Morning Washington on ABC7 for Finance Fridays as part of our 75th Anniversary celebration
Finance Friday

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