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Earn everyday points

Use your NOW REWARDS card whenever you check out and earn points. Earning doesn't get any easier.

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Earn bonus points

We've partnered with Ampre to bring you bonus reward offers both in-store and online at selected merchants.

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Redeem on the go

Get your rewards on the go with the mobile site.

NOW REWARDS Now Offers 2% Cash Back to Qualifying Cardholders.

Introducing NOW REWARDS - Premier Points

Loyalty has its rewards! We value strong relationships and want to reward members for choosing Northwest Federal for their financial needs. Cardholders who meet the monthly qualifications*, based on the products and services you have with us, will earn 2% cash back on NOW REWARDS purchases everywhere. As always, you can redeem your rewards for travel, gift cards, merchandise, cash back or as a cash donation to specific charity.


If you don’t quite meet the qualifications for our highest level of rewards in any given month, don’t worry! You will still earn 1.25x points for every $1 in NOW REWARDS purchases1 in the meantime and can work towards earning premier points of 2 points for every $1 in future months1.

Valuable Benefits

Points add up quickly with everyday use. Simply reach for your NOW REWARDS credit card when you're at the gas station, dining out, shopping online, buying groceries, making travel reservations, paying for your gym membership or other automatic monthly payments—you name it.

Bonus rewards with Ampre. We've partnered with Ampre to bring you bonus reward offers both in-store and online at selected merchants. With Ampre, you'll automatically earn bonus points at popular retailers and delicious restaurants, both locally and nationally. Search available Ampre offers by signing into your NOW REWARDS account through Online Banking.    ampre

Low variable rate and no annual fee. In addition to earning rewards, you’ll also save with rates as low as 8.24% APR2 and no annual fee2.

Lots of options for redeeming your rewards. You can redeem points for travel, cash back, gift cards, merchandise, or as a cash donation to a selected charity. You can also “pay with points” at participating gas stations and other merchants.

Ultimate payment convenience. Our NOW REWARDS card is contactless; just tap & go wherever you see the contactless payment symbol. It can also be used with all the most popular digital wallets.   paywave

Fraud protection. Set the terms for when, where and how your NOW REWARDS card is used anytime, anywhere right from your mobile device with Northwest Federal’s new CardControl+ app. Download Northwest’s CardControl+ app from the App Store or Google Play to start using it today!

Valuable cardholder benefits. Using your NOW REWARDS card also provides other benefits, including: travel protection services, ID theft protection, emergency services, and more. 

Monthly qualifications to earn 2% cash back on purchases*

  • Average daily balance of $2,000 in Northwest Federal accounts (combined balance of savings / money market / checking)
  • Additional Northwest Federal products/services from two or more of the following categories:
    • Mortgage
    • Auto Loan
    • Personal Loan or Line of Credit**
    • Home Equity Loan
    • Land Loan
    • IRA Savings ($500 minimum balance)
    • IRA Certificate or Regular Certificate
    • Northwest Financial Advisors Client
    • Online Banking (must log-in at least once during monthly qualification cycle)

*The qualification criteria must be satisfied on the Primary Cardholder's membership account to qualify. Qualification for the 2x points is re-evaluated monthly. The qualification cycle ("Qualification Cycle") begins on the last day of the prior month and ends one day prior to the end of the current month. The additional .75x points (from the base 1.25x points) is accrued for purchases made by qualifying cardholders in the month following each Qualification Cycle ("Accrual Period"). The accrued points are applied to the cardholder’s total points during the first week following the Accrual Period.

To illustrate, below is an example timeline of how points are awarded:

  • Qualification Cycle - Cardholder qualifies for 2x points in January’s Qualification Cycle which is December 31 through January 30.
  • Accrual Period - Cardholder is notified of qualification in early February and is earning 2x points on all purchases in that month. During the month of February, cardholder’s online points total will reflect 1.25x points.
  • The cardholder’s additional .75x points will be made available to redeem for rewards by the end of the first week of March (totaling 2x points earned on net purchases in February).

Points earned in the NOW REWARDS program will expire 5 years from end of month in which points were earned.

**Balance must be greater than $0 on a Northwest Federal Line of Credit or Home Equity Line of Credit in order for this product to count toward the monthly qualifying criteria.


Membership at Northwest Federal is free and it is easy to join. Learn more about membership eligibility or apply for the credit card today and join once you are approved.

Your Next Journey Starts Now with NOW REWARDS!


1Points are earned on purchases only. Points are not earned for convenience checks, cash advances, balance transfers, returned purchases or purchases that are reversed. Points earned in the NOW REWARDS program will expire 5 years from end of month in which points were earned.

2Your initial Annual Percentage Rate will range from 8.24% to 18.00% based on your creditworthiness. After this, your APR is subject to change monthly based on the Prime Rate published in the Wall Street Journal on the last business day of the prior month. Credit card rates apply to cash advances, balance transfers, and outstanding balances on purchases. There is no annual fee, no cash advance fee and no foreign transaction fee. Balance transfers are subject to a 3% fee on the transferred amount.

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