Benefit Plans 

A Free Benefit for Your Employees

In addition to fulfilling your business banking needs, we can also serve the personal banking needs of you and your employees. In fact, more than 500 local companies have already chosen to offer the money-saving benefits of Northwest Federal Credit Union membership to their staff – for free.

We offer competitive dividends on savings and checking accounts, including personal money market accounts and certificates, to help you and your staff grow personal wealth. And our vehicle loans and personal credit card rates are often cited as some of the best in the country, saving thousands in interest and payments compared to other lenders.

When it’s time for you or your staff to purchase a home, we offer a valuable real estate and rebate program which will match you with one of our trusted Realtors plus refund 20% of your agent’s commission after closing.

Show your employees how much you value them by offering the opportunity to bank at better rates and with fewer fees. 

If you would like to offer your employees this no-cost benefit, contact one of our Business Banking Representatives.