Business Savings

More Ways to Save Money for Your Short or Long-Term Business Goals

We offer Savings, Money Market Accounts, and Certificates for your business. Learn more about the business services we offer and open your account today.

Open a Business Account
The legal structure of your company will determine the documentation you’ll need to open your business accounts. We’ll walk you through the necessary paperwork to open an account for your business structure. Contact our Business Banking Representatives at 703-709-8900, x4931.

You may be asked to complete the following:   

Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships need to provide the following: 

  • Tax Identification Number
  • Social Security Number (for each authorized signer)
  • Valid picture identification for all signers (Drivers License, Passport)
  • Certificate of Incorporation, Organization, or Partnership Agreement, depending on type of business
  • Corporate Resolution as may be required

View  Business Agreement and Disclosure & Business Schedule of Fees.


Featured Products

Open a Business Savings Account with $1 minimum deposit. There’s no monthly maintenance fee. Dividends are compounded daily and paid monthly. 

A tiered Business Money Market Account provides a higher return on your deposits than a business savings account. There’s no minimum opening deposit or ongoing balance requirement and you can make up to 6 withdrawals per month.*

Dividends are compounded daily from the date of deposit to the date of withdrawal and are credited to your account monthly.

*The Money Market Account is a non-transaction account and as such you may make up to six (6) preauthorized, automatic, telephonic, or audio response transfers or withdrawals by check, debit card or similar order to another account of yours or to a third party during any calendar month. 

Our Business Certificates* let you select the term and rate so you’ll earn higher dividends on your funds for pre-set periods of time. With a $500 minimum opening balance, you can select terms from 1 to 5 years. Three to 6 months require a $2,500 minimum to open.

*Business Certificates are not eligible for dividend rate bonuses or promotional rates.