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Credit Cards

When will I receive my new credit card?

Your new credit card will be mailed on July 1. You will be able to use your current CFCU issued Visa card until July 14, at which time it will be deactivated. You will be able to activate, set your PIN and use your new Northwest Federal NOW REWARDS card on July 1. If your new Northwest Federal NOW REWARDS is activated prior to July 14, your CFCU Visa card will be deactivated.

Why am I receiving a NOW REWARDS Mastercard?

Due to the rewards structure of your former credit card program, Northwest Federal wanted to be able to provide you with a program that would continue your ability to earn rewards. With NOW REWARDS you will earn points at a higher rate – 1 point for every $0.80 you spend vs. 1 point for every $1 you spend.

Not only will you earn more rewards, but you will be able to redeem your points at your discretion for cash back into your account or through a statement credit, travel and experiences, merchandise or even make a donation to a charity.

In addition to rewards, you will also have access to premier benefits including rental car collision coverage, trip cancellation, airport concierge service, ID theft protection, price protection and more! Click here for more details.

Will my payment date change?

No, your payment date will stay the same.

Will I need to set up a new automatic credit card payment?

Yes, you will need to log into the MyCardInfo site, Online Banking or call 844-709-8900 to set up a new automatic payment to your credit card.

Will I need to re-enter my card payment information with merchants who have my card on file, such as Netflix, Amazon, etc.?

Yes, please update your payment information on file with your new card information.

Will Northwest have my travel memos placed on the new card?

Your travel memos up to July 13th will stay in place on your CFCU credit card. If you will be using your new NOW REWARDS credit card for travel on or after July 1, please add your travel memo by calling Northwest Federal Credit Union at 844-709-8900 or add your travel memo online through the MyCardInfo site, your new online credit card platform accessible through online banking.

If I make a payment on my credit card July 1 to July 14 will it be applied to the new account?

Yes, all payments made on your old credit card will be applied to your new credit card with the date that the payments were made. However, the payment will not show in your account history or balance until two business days later.

How do I make payments on my new card after July 1?

You can make a payment by transfer through Online Banking, through the MyCardInfo site, in-branch or over the phone by calling 844-709-8900.

How do I log in to my credit card account?

Your credit card account will appear in Online Banking when you activate your card on or after July 1. In Online Banking, you can view your balance and your transactions. You can also manage your account by clicking on “Credit Cards” in the top tool bar, then click on your card number. This will take you to MyCardInfo where you can view your rate, check your balance and transactions, view your eStatements, complete balance transfers, set travel memos, enroll in fraud/transaction alerts, and more. Watch this video to learn more about Online Banking and text/transaction alerts.

How do I view my rewards balance as well as access my rewards account?

You can view your credit card rewards by logging into Online Banking, click on your credit card number under “Accounts Summary” then click on this icon now reward icon to go to the NOW REWARDS site. You do not need a login or to re-enter password as you are validated once you log into Online Banking.

Where should I mail my credit card payments if I want to pay by check?

You can mail your credit card payments to:

Northwest Federal Credit Union
PO Box 37035
Boone, IA 50037

If I don’t want a Northwest paper statement, how do I sign up for eStatements?

You can sign up for credit card eStatements by going to MyCardInfo site from your Online Banking account, and clicking on eStatements under “Quick Links” on the right side of the web page.

Debit Cards

Will I be able to use my current debit card after the merger?

We would like you to activate your new debit card by July 1. To give as much time as possible to receive your new debit card, we are mailing your new card on June 10 and enabling you to activate your card and set your PIN. If you are traveling without access to your new Northwest Federal debit card, please call 844-709-8900 for assistance.

When can I starting using my new debit card?

Though you can activate and set your PIN as soon as you receive your card, you cannot use your debit card for purchases until July 1. Any attempted transactions prior to July 1 will be declined.

When can I activate and set my debit card PIN?

You can activate and select your PIN as soon as you receive your card; however, you cannot use your debit card until July 1.

Do I need to add my debit card payment information back on file for merchants and bill payments?

Yes, please add your new Northwest Federal debit card payment information to merchants who store your card information on file, such as Amazon, Netflix, Apple, etc. Please also update any bill payments made with your debit card that will occur after July 1.

Can I add my card back into Apple Pay?

You can add your Northwest debit card to your Apple Pay digital wallet by tapping on the wallet app and following the prompts. Once we receive your request to add your Northwest Federal debit card, we will enable your digital card within 48 hours.

How can I control my debit card use?

CardNav is our card control app that enables you to control how, when and where your debit card is used. Visit our debit card page to learn more about CardNav and the benefits of your new debit card.

Can I keep my PIN?

Yes, you can select any customized PIN that you wish to use. You will just need to enter your preferred PIN during card activation.

How do I use my card overseas?

You are able to use your card anywhere Mastercard® and Cirrus® or STAR® are accepted. If you are using your card at a foreign point of sale terminal requiring a PIN or a foreign ATM, just add 2 leading zeros to your PIN to comply with Europe’s 6 digit PIN requirement.

Do I need to set up Travel Memos for travel after July 1?

Yes, please call Northwest Federal at 844-709-8900 to set up travel memos for any travel occurring after July 1.

Can I still access CO-OP ATMs and Shared Branching?

Yes, your Northwest debit card will provide you with access to 30,000+ free ATMs nationwide. Click on this ATM locator for your nearest free ATM.

Gift Cards

Who do I contact with questions about my Constellation Federal gift card?

Please call 866-496-6183 (the number on the back of your card) with any questions. The gift card call center is open 24/7. You can also access your account by visiting: myprepaidbalance.com


How will CFCU ATMs be impacted by the Northwest Federal merger?

During the 3rd and 4th weeks of June, current CFCU ATMs will be transitioned into Northwest ATMs. As a Constellation member, you can still make withdrawals and deposits with no fee during this time using your CFCU debit card. After July 1, please use your new Northwest Federal debit card at ATM locations.