Northwest Federal Savings and Money Market Accounts are non-transaction accounts, which means you may make no more than six (6) preauthorized, automatic, telephonic, or audio response transfers or withdrawals by check, debit card or similar order to another account of yours or to a third party during any calendar month*. Please see below regarding which transactions apply against the limit. 

Effective as of April 2018, we no longer monitor for excessive transactions and charge a fee for any transfers over six (6) per month, per non-transaction account. Instead we will not allow transactions over six (6) per month, per non-transaction account.

Transactions from checking accounts like our FREE Choice Checking and dividend-earning Elite Checking do not count towards your Regulation D limit, so they're a great alternative to conducting transactions from your Savings or Money Market account. You may also conduct unlimited transactions at ATMs, Northwest Federal Branches, and Shared Branch locations. Find the one closest to you today!

If you have questions about your how accounts and transactions are affected by Regulation D, please contact the Member Service Center at 703-709-8900.

*This limitation applies separately to each non-transaction account you have with the Credit Union.

Transaction Types and Limits for Savings and Money Market Accounts

Unlimited Per Month

  • In-person / Branch transactions
  • Transactions by mail or through Night Deposit
  • ATM Transactions
  • Pre-authorized, automatic, or recurring payments to pay a loan at Northwest Federal
  • Request for a check made payable to the member

Restricted to Six (6) Per Month

  • Online Banking, Mobile Banking & Telephone transfers
  • Checks to third parties
  • Drafts
  • Debit Card transactions
  • Bill Pay
  • Pre-authorized, automatic, or recurring ACH transfers to third parties
  • Overdraft transfers
  • Telephone transfers made by a Member Service Representative on your behalf