FAQs for new Online and Mobile Banking

Why is Online and Mobile Banking changing? We listened to member feedback on our current Online and Mobile Banking and in response we are making several improvements.

How is Online and Mobile Banking changing? With the new and improved Online and Mobile Banking you’ll experience a new look and feel, easier navigation, plus a number of new features and benefits to give you even more convenient access to your accounts.

Will I be able to access all of my accounts on the new platform, even if I am a joint owner? One of the benefits of the new platform is that primary and joint owners are now able to view the accounts and loans on which they are joint. Joint account owners will need to create their own unique login to view accounts.

How will I login to my account for the first time? It is important to know your current username. When you login for the first time with our enhanced Online and Mobile Banking, primary owners will need to enter your current username and will then be prompted to create a unique password and validate your account. Password instructions will appear when you initiate your first login.

How can a joint account owner login to the new platform? Joint owners will need to create a unique username and password at the login screen. Follow the login instructions that will appear when you initiate your first login.

Will I be able to see transaction history? Yes. You will be able to view the last 18 months of account transaction history. You will also have access to view the full list of transactions on loans since the date it was funded.

How does this affect my scheduled transfers? All scheduled and recurring transfers will continue as usual.

How does this change affect my automated bill payments? Any bills you currently have scheduled to automatically pay through your account will continue to be paid.

Will I still have access to my documents in My Virtual Strongbox? Yes, you will still be able to securely access your stored documents.