When it comes to debt and finances, you don't have to go it alone.

Free Financial Assistance with Northwest Partner GreenPath Financial Wellness

GreenPath Financial Wellness is a trusted national non-profit with more than 60 years of helping people build financial health and resiliency. Certified financial and housing experts will empower you to eliminate financial stress, get out of debt, increase your savings, and achieve your financial goals.

Chat with their live online counselors to:

  • Receive free one-on-one financial counseling to develop a budget and action plan to meet your financial goals
  • Review your credit and receive tips on how to improve your credit score
  • Discuss debt repayment options, including student loans
  • Explore your options to rent, purchase, or refinance your home 

Explore the Northwest GreenPath partner site to:

  • Improve your financial health through interactive online courses
  • Listen to financial education podcasts
  • Access calculators, worksheets, and guides
To receive personalized answers to your financial wellness questions. Contact GreenPath today:
Learn more about credit reports, managing your money and planning for your future

Check out the resources GreenPath offers including financial calculators to help you estimate monthly payments for auto and home loans, how long it will take to pay off credit card debt, and much more.

Login to the GreenPath client portal to access financial articles and sign up to attend free webinars and financial educational classes providing real-life budgeting and saving tips to help you work towards your financial goals. 

Explore the online tools from GreenPath today!

Free, personalized answers to your financial wellness questions are just a phone call away
  • Guidance with budgets and savings plans
  • Reading and understanding your credit report
  • Options for paying off debt and developing a plan to stay debt-free
  • Guidance to help you navigate the process and make informed decisions when it comes to buying a home

Connect with a professional, caring counselor today.
Call: 877-337-3399

Are you going through a financially challenging time? As your trusted financial partner, Northwest Federal is here to help.

Whether you have already fallen behind on your payments with us or think it may happen, contact us today for assistance. Our goal is to help you through troubled times and get you back on track.

We have a confidential financial assistance program that we have developed to assist our members experiencing financial difficulties and unable to make their regular monthly payments. Please contact us or complete this request form to let us know about your financial situation and the help you're seeking. 

If you are seeking overall debt advice or counseling services with all of your other creditors, please contact GreenPath today at 877-337-3399 to speak with a financial counselor.