Receiving Your Impact Payment Through Direct Deposit

The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service will soon be distributing economic impact payments to taxpayers with no action required for most individuals. Visit the IRS newsroom regarding economic impact payments for more details including the amount of the payment you can expect to receive.

The fastest way to receive your impact payment will be if the IRS has your direct deposit information on file. They will use the information you provided on your 2019 tax return or your 2018 tax return if you have not yet filed for 2019. The IRS has developed a web-based portal to help you check the status of your payment and provide your direct deposit information.

To receive your impact payment directly to your account, the IRS needs your electronic account number, which is different from your member number.

To locate your Northwest Federal electronic account number:

  • Log into your account via Online Banking or with your Mobile Banking app.
  • Select the account (checking or savings) where you would like the funds deposited. 
  • If using Online Banking from your PC or laptop, you will see your Electronic Account Number and Routing Number on the left side of the page.
  • If using the Mobile Banking app, click “show details” beneath your account balance to see your Electronic Account Number and Routing Number.

The IRS must have your Electronic Account Number in order to automatically deposit your impact payment to your account. If this number is not used, it may cause delays in posting your funds.  We will make every effort to manually post this deposit if the electronic account number is not used, however if we are unable to locate your account the transaction will be returned to the IRS.