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Northwest Federal is updating our Online Banking based on member feedback. We’ve conducted multiple working group sessions with members and we are excited to now be able to share a preview of the new design which is targeted to launch later this year.

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Serving our Members is our #1 Priority

Our goal is to continuously enhance your digital experience. ​​Based on your experiences and feedback, we are currently working on resolving the following:

Connectivity with Quicken’s Express Web Connect and -  We are actively working with Intuit. In the interim, Quicken users can use the Web Connect feature in online banking to manually download transactions until this issue has been resolved. 

Please Note:  Members who use Mint may need to re-establish connectivity with their Northwest Federal accounts. When logged into or Online Banking with Northwest Federal, go to Settings and accept the terms and conditions of Web Connect, then follow the prompts to complete connectivity. For further assistance, please contact us.

Bookmark this page to visit often for updates on what's coming soon, including helpful hints and tips to make managing your money quicker and easier. 

Thank you for your continued support.

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Online and Mobile Banking Enhancements

Ongoing Updates to Online and Mobile Banking with Bill Pay

In order to provide the best service possible we are continuing to update your Online Banking and Mobile App experience. Below are a list of updates in the works and estimated implementation timeframes.

Access to Bill Pay by Business Members

We're working to address the current inability for some Business Account holders to access Bill Pay. 

Mobile Banking Homepage View

The option to view the home page as either tiles or with a more "classic view" is in development.

App Closing

NWFCU will close the App upon selecting the "Logoff" option from the Mobile App menu. Currently, the App remains open causing some navigation difficulties after a logoff event. See "User Tips" for a workaround for this issue. This enhancement is in development.

Safari Work-Around for Cookies and Pop-Up Blockers

We are in the process of testing a solution that will allow Safari users to work with Bill Pay without enabling Cookies.

To report any technical difficulties you may be experiencing when logged into your account through Online Banking or our Mobile App, please contact us. 

Your Opinions Matter Most to Us

Thank you for your feedback on our newly launched Online and Mobile Banking solutions. Here are a few of the ideas you shared with us and we have implemented:

  • Floating Footer - devices experienced the footer text covering the User ID and Password fields when logging in - resolved December 2017
  • Popmoney® - 3-day transfers are now FREE1 to our members - resolved November 2017
  • Fingerprint Authentication for Android - resolved October 2017
  • Mobile Deposit Error Message “FRONT SIGNATURE NOT DETECTED” - When using the Mobile App for deposits, some members were experiencing difficulties with the front signature being recognized - resolved August 2017
  • Color Theme Legibility - Text colors adjusted - completed August 2017
  • Menu Bar was inconsistent when switching from the Mobile App to the Mobile Browser - resolved August 2017
  • Colors appeared to be inconsistent across platforms - resolved August 2017
  • Fast Balances would not display on some devices - resolved August 2017
  • First time registration to sign in - resolved August 2017
  • Transfer of funds errors occurred - resolved July 2017 


1Fees will still be charged for messages sent via Rush Delivery (1-day) and/or including an eGreeting.

Now Available:

  • Quicker access to account transactions - View your account transaction details with fewer clicks.
  • Enhanced printing - Print your transaction and account history quickly and easily. Just click on the print icon located on the accounts summary and account activity pages.
  • Transfer funds in just a few simple steps - Select 'Manage Transfers', select the 'from' and 'to' account, enter the amount, then select "Schedule Type' and your transfer is complete!

We're excited about some of the new features you have access to that will help customize your online banking experience:

  • Modify your online banking landing page to view accounts and services based on your specific needs
  • New ways to schedule and manage transfers to and from your account
  • New Bill Pay settings will make scheduling payments easier
  • Enroll in our Member Protection Plan or request a wire transfer
  • View a check image and obtain your full account number
  • Set up Fast Balances to get a quick look at your accounts when using our Mobile app
  • Popmoney® provides a safe and convenient way to send or request payments to another individual using only their email address, mobile phone number or account information

Here are a few Mobile Banking tips to help you get familiar with the recent enhancements:

App Update

If you are already a user of our Mobile Banking App, you may be prompted on your device to update your app. If your App is not available to update, please go to the Apple Store® or Google® Play Store to download the App.

Mobile Deposits

When accessing "Deposit a Check" on your mobile device for the first time, agree to allow the camera on your mobile device be enabled. 

Mobile Deposits on My Android

When making a mobile deposit on your Android device

  • Ensure you leave a small amount of "white space" inside the frame prior to taking the picture
  • When taking a photo of the back of the check, be sure your signature is to the left

Tile View 

The tiles you see after login can be customized or removed in both Online and Mobile Banking. If you want to customize your view, while logged into your account:  

  • click on the Main Menu
  • click on “Settings”
  • choose the tiles you use most

Please note: You will need to do this in both systems if you want a customized view in both Online and Mobile Banking.

Credit Card Transactions

Your credit card transactions are available in the Mobile Banking App through the main menu. Simply click "Accounts", then "Credit Cards", then select your card to view your transaction history.

Fingerprint Authentication

If you use Fingerprint Authentication on your device, you will need to update your fingerprint authentication by enrolling.

  • login to Mobile Banking with your User ID and Password
  • click on Profile
  • click on User Profile
  • select Fingerprint Enrollment

View step-by-step video tutorial

Download instructions

User ID and Password

If you have forgotten your User ID, please contact us at 703-709-8900.

If you have forgotten your login password, follow these steps at the Secure Login:

  • enter your User ID, then select "Forgot Your Password?"
  • enter the requested personal authentication information and "Submit"
  • enter and confirm your new password, click "Submit Password"

Closing the App

A workaround for the App Closing issue is to close the App instead of performing a "Logoff", closing the App will log you off from the App.

To close the App on an Android device:

  • Select the "Menu" button
  • Press the "X" in the upper right corner of the App

To close the App on an iOS device:

  • Press the "Home" button twice
  • Swipe UP on the App

Here are your most frequently asked questions.

How do I login to my new account?

You'll continue to use your current Username and password. Your security profile questions will also remain the same.

Will I be able to see transaction history?

Yes. You have access to account transaction history for the last 18 months and bill payment history for the last 12 months. If you have a loan with us, you'll see the full list of transactions since the loan was funded.

How can I update my transaction history when using Express Webconnect?

To download your transaction history in Express Webconnect, you'll need to accept the disclosure by following these steps:

  • Login to Northwest Federal Online Banking or the Mobile App
  • Select "Account"
  • Select "Webconnect", the Webconnect disclosure will appear, select "Accept"

Why is my former electronic payment going as a check?

How the bill payment method is selected: Fiserv cannot guarantee that a payment will be sent electronic. The way the payment is remitted depends on the payee, your payment history, recent activity, and the amount of your payment. In some cases, the payee is not set up electronically.  

Please keep in mind, that whether Fiserv sends the payment electronically or as a paper payment, the goal is to deliver the payment to the payee on the due date.  Also, as long as the payment was scheduled with the correct payee information and on time your payment will be covered under the CheckFree Guarantee which covers fees up to $50 for a late payment.

How can I tell which checking account my bill payments are withdrawn from?

In the bill pay payment center, select Accounts where you can view the attached bill pay accounts.

What is Auto eBill Enrollment?

An eBill is an electronic version of the bill and usually omits the paper bill. Some payees offer a trial period which allows the user to see how eBills work while still receiving a paper statement. It can take one or two billing cycles to receive the first bill online.

There are several ways to sign up for eBills:

  • From the Payment Center screen, Add a Company or Person
  • From the eBill link on the Payment Center screen
  • From the congratulatory added payee page
  • From the Add Information for a Company page (during the process of adding a payee  

This trial period eBill does not require any action from the subscriber when activated by the payee.

The payee determines the length of the eBill introduction trial period; with an average trial period of 90 days.

When an eBill trial period is activated, the subscriber is presented with a prompt alerting them to the active trial period eBill. The prompt also provides the option to activate the standard eBill using the "Get My Bill Here" button or close the prompt using the "I'll decide later" link.



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