Northwest Federal to Welcome a Merger Partner

Jeff Bentley

I am excited to announce that Northwest Federal will soon be welcoming a new merger partner, Constellation Federal Credit Union.

The membership of CFCU has voted favorably to approve a merger partnership between our two credit unions and the agreement has also been approved by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Northwest Federal Credit Union, all of your member benefits, and the staff you have come to know, will continue to serve you and your financial future. On July 1, we will officially transition CFCU members to Northwest Federal members and we will also be welcoming 22 CFCU employees to join the Northwest Federal team.

This merger partnership will create new opportunities for the growth of Northwest Federal and will help us to continue to offer the very best in financial services, including advanced technologies and superior member service.

In addition, the merger will allow us to introduce a new branch in Reston, Virginia and another branch in Carderock, Maryland (limited access) which will become available to you in July.

The partnership was a natural one as our institutions share a commonality of membership and geographic footprint. The staff and board at both institutions are looking forward to a bright future together where we embrace opportunities for growth and the advancement of the products and services we offer members.

Thank you for your continued trust and membership in Northwest Federal Credit Union.

Jeff Bentley
President & CEO