Merger with Northwest Federal Completed July 1

Welcome CFCU Members!

The staff and board of directors of Northwest Federal welcomes you to the Northwest Federal Family! We are committed to providing you with exceptional member service, an expanded suite of products and member benefits, along with 8 convenient new branch locations.

Our primary goal is to make the merger transition as simple and as seamless as possible for you. To help guide you, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below as well as the links above with more detailed information regarding your Online and Mobile Banking access as well as important information about your Credit Cards and Debit Cards.

If you have additional questions, please email us at or call us at 703-709-8900.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the merger take place and how will I benefit? 
The main reason for the merger is to ensure a healthy financial future for our members in light of declining membership in Constellation Federal Credit Union and increasing cost of advancing technology.

Did the name Constellation Federal Credit Union change?  
Yes, it is now Northwest Federal Credit Union.

Will my Account Number stay the same?
Yes, your CFCU account number has transferred to Northwest Federal. However, a small number account numbers have been identified as account numbers that will need to be changed. This will be addressed individually.

Will my automatic transfers (internal transfers and outgoing) be converting from CFCU to Northwest Federal?
Your automatic transfers within your accounts (i.e.: checking to savings) will continue to occur as scheduled. External Transfers (transfers to other payees or financial institutions) will not convert.

What if I am already a member at Northwest Federal?
If you are a member of both credit unions, your CFCU account(s) have transferred over to Northwest Federal. As a result, you will have multiple membership accounts at Northwest Federal.

CFCU used to pay dividends on a quarterly basis. Will this continue or change?  
This has changed. Your dividends will be paid monthly as of the July 1, 2019 merger date.

Will I be receiving any information about the various products and services available as well as fees associated with my new Northwest Federal accounts?  
Yes, detailed account information with your Account Agreements was mailed to you the first week of May.

Will I continue to be able to benefit from the Loyalty Program?
Yes, members who merged into Northwest Federal from CFCU will continue to be eligible for this program.

Will CFCU membership eligibility now be a part of Northwest Federal’s membership eligibility?
Yes, any member who was eligible for membership in CFCU is now eligible to join Northwest Federal.

How do I contact Northwest Federal?
The Member Service Center is available Monday through Friday, 7AM–7PM and Saturday 8AM–1PM ET by calling 703-709-8900.

Will my past statements still be available? 
Yes, your monthly account statements and credit card statements will be available through Northwest Federal's Online and Mobile Banking. After logging in to Online Banking, click "Accounts" in the top navigation then "CFCU Statements."

How many branches does Northwest Federal have?
Northwest Federal currently has 8 community branches with another branch in Arlington opening later this year.

Are current CFCU branch locations staying open? 
Yes, you can continue to use the Reston and Carderock branch locations. Hours for the Reston Branch have changed to Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM. The Herndon Branch located at 200 Spring Street is open Saturdays 9AM-1PM.

Does Northwest Federal use the Shared Branch Network? 
Yes, you can continue to use Shared Branch locations and use their services.

Will I still be able to use my checks?
Yes, you can continue to use your CFCU branded checks.

Will outstanding payments, direct deposits and other items still clear my account?
Yes, these items will continue as scheduled.

Will my Online Banking be changing?
Your username and account history will be transferred into Northwest Federal’s Online Banking platform. You will need to download the Northwest Federal app and you will be required to change your password when you login. A small number of usernames have been identified as usernames that need to be changed. This will be addressed individually. Click for further details on how to access your accounts through Online and Mobile Banking.

Will I need to set up my Bill Pay accounts again?
No, your Bill Pay accounts will be moved to Northwest Federal’s Online Banking platform.

Will I be receiving a new debit card?
Your new debit card was mailed to you on June 10 with information on how to activate your card and set your PIN. Please activate your debit card as soon as possible if you have not already done so. Continue to use your CFCU debit card until June 30. Begin using your Northwest Federal debit card on July 1.

Will I be able to use my current CFCU Credit Card or will I be receiving a new one?

Your new credit card will be mailed on July 1. You will be able to use your current CFCU issued Visa card until July 13. Your CFCU Visa card will be deactivated on July 14.

You will be able to activate, set your PIN and use your new Northwest Federal NOW REWARDS card on July 1.

Your balance at the time of transfer will be protected at your current rate. Additional credit card information has been sent to you by mail.

How will my Credit Card Purchase Rewards be transferred from CFCU?  Will the program continue?
Members who were enrolled in the CFCU Credit Card Rewards program will be moved into the Northwest Federal NOW REWARDS Mastercard® program.

Learn More About Northwest Federal Credit Union

For more than 70 years, Northwest Federal has provided valuable financial products and services for our members. As your lifetime financial partner, we’ll be there for you when you need us—from your childhood savings account to retirement savings plans. You can count on us to make a difference in our members’ lives and in the communities we serve.

Our personal banking services include:

  • Free checking with rewards
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Our business banking services include:

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