April is National Credit Union Youth Month

Teaching your kids to save so they'll be financially fit in the future is as important as teaching them to eat their fruit and veggies. Good savings habits begin at an early age. Here are a few savings tips to teach your children smart savings skills:

  • Set a savings goal - is it a want or a need they are saving for?
  • Let them earn money - allowing children to earn and save also instills the value of hard work.
  • Provide a place to save money - make it fun with Westie's Save, Spend and Share jars. Watch our YouTube video and download your labels below.
  • Help track savings - share their monthly statement to explain how their money grows by earning dividends.
  • Teach by example - share some of your savings goals and make a family savings jar for your next family vacation, new car or even their college education.

Help your children learn the importance of saving money for their short- and long-term goals with one of our Youth Club Accounts. They’ll be rewarded with:

  • Higher dividends on the first $1,500 saved
  • Gift and membership kit at account opening
  • Deposit rewards, including $25 bonus* to First Rewards account holders when $500 is saved

Complete a Youth Membership Application to open a Youth Club Account today!

*You will receive $25 as a bonus when your First Rewards savings account balance reaches $500. The $25 bonus will be credited to the savings account by close of business on the first day the balance reaches $500. Offer limited to one bonus per member. The bonus will be reported on the member’s year-end 1099-INT statement.

Make Your Own Save, Spend & Share Jar Labels with Westie!

Watch our YouTube video to see how you can create your own Save, Spend & Share jars using Westie's labels.

Click on the image to download your labels today!

Download Westie's Save, Spend & Share Jar Labels



Westie's Project 10-10

We celebrated Westie's 10th birthday with 10 videos featuring money tips for kids. Click the tips below to watch!


Youth Club Accounts

Designed for ages 0-3, your Sweet Pea will be set up for savings success from day one. As your Sweet Pea grows, they’ll automatically be placed into the next stage of our Youth Club Accounts:  Westie’s Kids Club, Plan it Now, and First Rewards—each club offering age-appropriate deposit gifts, rewards and special events. 

Kids ages 4-8 will thrive in our Westie’s Kids Club where they’ll learn that saving can be fun. Each time they make a deposit at one of our branches, they’ll get a prize token to use at the whirler machine. And, on their 10th deposit they’ll receive a special gift. 

Tweens 9-12 will continue on their path to savings success with our Plan it Now club. They’ll benefit from higher dividends on the first $1,500 saved and will receive a special gift after 10 deposits. 

Teens 13-17 can set money aside from their summer jobs in a First Rewards account where they’ll earn a $25 bonus when their account reaches $500. 

High school and college-age members can enjoy a variety of products and services designed to help them achieve financial success and independence: