I certify the transaction(s) identified on this form were not authorized by me or by anyone acting upon my authority or with my consent or knowledge. I have not authorized anyone else, orally or in writing, nor have I given consent, nor do I have knowledge of implied consent, to use or have possession of this card. Neither I, nor any person(s) authorized to use this card, have received or will receive goods or services, or will otherwise benefit, directly or indirectly, from these identified transactions.

Please Note:

  • You must notify Northwest Federal Credit Union within 60 days from the statement date on which the disputed transaction first appeared.

  • We will process your claim within 10 business days. If we determine your claim is invalid, we will write to you within 10 business days to notify you of our decision. If we are unable to complete the investigation within 10 business days, a provisional credit will be issued to your account for the entire amount of the claim. We will complete most investigations within 45 business days, though certain cases may take up to 90 days. In the event we deny your claim after completing the investigation, we will notify you and reverse the provisional credit 5 business days from the date of our notification.

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