How can my joint owner access Online or Mobile Banking?

A joint owner can create his/her own user login by following the first-time user login registration.

Can I share my account access with someone who is not joint on my account?

Yes. As the primary account owner, you are able to set up authorized users in the SETTINGS widget on the Shared Access tab when logged into your account. You maintain control by setting shared access limitations and are able to take away this privilege at any time.

I'm using a computer with VPN access. Why can't I login to my account?

As a security measure, you may find that you cannot access Online Banking when using a remote network access such as VPN. Please try logging in using another connection method to resolve the issue.

I have my mortgage with Northwest Federal, can I view my balance in Online or Mobile Banking?

Yes. You have quick access to our Home Loan Center to view your current mortgage balance, your next payment due, and even make a payment while logged into your account.

Can I set up to receive alerts on my account?

Yes. When logged into your account, simply click on the ALERTS widget to manage alerts and notifications such as when automatic deposits have been received, withdrawals are made, loan payments are due and much more.

Will I be able to see transaction history?

Yes. You will be able to view the last 18 months of account transaction history. You will also have access to view the full list of transactions on loans since the date it was funded.

Can I view my Northwest Visa Credit Card while in Online or Mobile Banking?

Yes. Online and Mobile Banking make it easy to manage your credit card and view transactions, make payments, redeem NOW REWARDS points and enroll in eStatements.

Can I open additional accounts in Online or Mobile Banking?

Yes. It's simple and secure to open secondary savings accounts such as Savings Clubs, Certificates, Checking and Money Market Accounts at the QUICK APPLY widget when logged into your account.

What is a linked account?

A linked account allows you to view balance information from accounts you have at other financial institutions. This does not allow you to transfer funds, but helps evaluate all your monetary relationships while logged into Online or Mobile Banking with Northwest. To setup a linked account to make transfers to (ACH transactions), go to the TRANSFERS widget and use the link "Add an account to make a transfer".